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Thank you for Shopping with us!
Thank you for Shopping with us!

Space Marines: Honoured of the Chapter

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Original price $160.00
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Current price $144.00

The standard processing time may take 2-4 weeks based on product shortages. For questions, please shoot us a message! 

This set allows you to add new HQ, Elites, and Heavy Support choices to your Space Marines army. It includes the following: 
€ 1x Primaris Chaplain
€ 1x Judiciar
€ 1x Bladeguard Ancient
€ 3x Bladeguard Veterans
€ 3x Eradicators
Both the Bladeguard Veterans and Eradicators include a Sergeant. The set also includes nine 40mm round bases.

The models in this set are push-fit and can be assembled without glue. Rules for them can be found in Codex: Space Marines.
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